Job Opportunity in Australia

Job Opportunity in Australia

The employment in Australia has increased over the years with its prospering economy. There are various types of industries in this country where jobs are present almost in every arena. Careers in Australia are not limited to the Australian only but it attracts populace from all over the world.In the past few years employment in Australia has made a significant progress. This year the unemployment rate has touched five percent which was around 11% in 2000. Currently Australia has the lowest unemployment rate since 1970s.

According to Seek- Australia’s biggest career site:-

·         Total job vacancies in February 2017 were 186,400, an increase of 2.6% from November 2016.

·         The number of job vacancies in the private sector was 168,400

·         The number of job vacancies in the public sector was 18,000 in February 2017, an increase of 2.4% from November 2016.

·         Farming, Animals and Conservation topped the sectors with a job ad growth of 37%.

·         Design and Architecture wasn’t far behind with job ad growth of 32%.

·         The Education and Training, and Government and Defence sectors both had a job ad growth of 22%.

·         The industries with the lowest positive job ad growth were Accounting (3%) and Sales (3%).

·         The only two sectors to experience a negative job ad growth between 2016 and 2017 were Insurance and Superannuation (-8%), and Mining, Resources and Energy (-31%).

The Department of Employment’s Employment Outlook to November 2019 report, estimated that total employment would increase by 1,166,400 (10%) to reach 12,776,500 by November 2019. The report also predicted that the top 10 occupations expected to create the greatest number of new jobs in the seven year period to 2017  will include:

store persons, office managers, structural steel and welding trades workers, advertising and sales managers,           truck drivers, shelf fillers, contract, program and project administrators, electricians, education aides, accountants

One two line about impact of International students that making some impact on job market.

The impact of international students on the Australian job market has been discovered, from the new research of the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

An approx. of 40,000 students from overseas depend on the hospitality sector of Australia for income, as told Australian National University migration researcher Henry Sherrell.

The research links employment data from the Census to addresses and biographic details of temporary visa holders shows more than one in three foreign students reported having jobs in the 2016 Australian Census. Approximately 15 per cent of these were hospitality workers, 11 per cent were cleaners and laundry workers, 10 per cent were sales assistants and eight per cent were food preparation assistants.

The recent trends in the Australian job market are as follows: -

1.      While a full-time job with one employer was once considered the rule, the workforce structure is now far more flexible The latest data from SEEK Employment Trends shows opportunities for both part-time and contract/temp roles grew by 12% year-on-year in March while casual/vacation roles were up by 19%.

2.      Natalie Rogers, Contracting Consultant with recruitment firm Six Degrees says employers are also restructuring roles in order to attract the best talent.

3.      Barbara Taylor, KPMG’s Head of Talent, Diversity and Inclusion, explains that non-full time roles are an extension of the company’s commitment to flexible work and says approximately 10% of the company’s 6,000 employees in Australia now work part-time.

4.      The emergence of the gig economy has resulted in many IT professionals abandoning traditional forms of employment in favour of working more independently and with greater flexibility through contracting or freelance work.

5.      As demand for non-full time work continues to grow, candidates need to ensure they stand out in the market. .If an employer sees a really well-written resume or CV, they will pick up the phone straight away to call that person.


Some top recruiting agencies of Australia

 ·  Ethos BeathChapman

The company is highly profitable and has enjoyed excellent retention of staff under leaders Andrew Keayes in Sydney and Matthew Beath in Singapore.

The business has witnessed year on year growth and employs over 70 staff operating from offices in Sydney, Singapore, Istanbul and Amsterdam.

With average recruitment experience of over 8 years, EBC only hire people who have chosen recruitment as a career, have spent years learning the trade and have the self-belief and interpersonal sensitivity to positively impact their diverse team.

·         Beaumont Consulting

Under the leadership of Australian of the Year Nominee Nikki Beaumont, this is one of the most likeable recruitment companies one’ll come across.

·         Six Degrees Executive

 They have combined robust systems and rigorous processes from the global corporate where they learned their trade, with flexibility, agility and high-touch service you would expect of a smaller organisation. This is underpinned by a strong, close knit, ‘family’ culture. The Directors have remained hands on and approachable but offer a level of autonomy for the proven talent they have attracted.

The team has grown to 50+ since 2004 and although Six Degrees hire experienced recruitment consultants and industry professionals, they have a commitment to L&D and support further education with the goal to be the very best. Building internal capability is high on the list of priorities, resulting in a high number of internal promotions. A role with Six Degrees Executive means working alongside some of the best specialist practitioners in the industry.

·         Parity Consulting

Sydney based Parity Consulting was founded in 2012 by the passionate and driven Victoria Butt. Victoria’s passion for the product, marketing and communications industries, combined with her passion for high recruitment standards are what has allowed them to quickly establish themselves as the go-to specialist in this space. It is a Great company for Professional and caring people who are passionate about both product, marketing and communications and the recruitment industry.

There are many job sites in Australia. Below one will find some of the biggest and best.




Startup eco system & few successful startups and their business verticals

 Only two months ago Australia fell four places to 16th in the most recent Global Startup Ecosystem Report rankings. One of the big advantages for Australia in maintaining a global outlook is its ability to attract talent from all over the world to work here. In recent years Australia has done exceptionally well in attracting and nurturing innovation and entrepreneurship.

A few successful start-ups from Australia (rated by business Insider): -

        i.            Spacer is a peer-to-peer marketplace for space which allows people to rent out extra space in their homes or yards. Launched in October 2015, Spacer has now struck a deal with similar companies in Europe, sharing expertise and allowing it to focus on expanding into Asia. The company expects to have 1,500 active listings by June.

      ii.            Australian mattress startupKoala Mattress had an amazing start to the year -- announcing Australian cricket captain Steve Smith as an investor, and recording $1 million in sales in just 80 days. The company is now in the midst of a $5 million capital raising, as it looks to expand into China, America and Europe.

    iii.            Logistics startupShippit offers services to both sides of online transactions -- merchants can offer more flexibility and options for deliveries, consumers have more information about when and how their packages arrive. On top of thrilling at last year's SydStart, Shippit has recently partnered with big names like Australia Post, TNT, Mail Call Courier, as well as 300 merchants.

    iv.            Institchu founders James Wakefield and Robin McGown left their corporate jobs to launch Institchu, an online store for tailored suits. The company now has showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, and are planning to enter the US next.

      v.            Document productivity company Nitro, was founded in Melbourne in 2005.Since then it has established a customer base of more than 490,000 people in nearly 200 countries, including 50% of the Fortune 500.This year Nitro added 75 new Nitronauts to its global team, and launched new offices in Dublin and St. Petersburg.


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