ex: Sales
ex: Mumbai
Desktop Support Engineer
Munich 9/30/2019 Germany
Proficient in written english, Computer literacy,Problem-solving skills, Organization skills
Bangalore 9/27/2019 India
Proficient in written English and computer literacy
Bangalore 9/27/2019 India
HTML/HTML5, Wordpress, CSS
KOLKATA 9/26/2019 India
jQuery, Ajax, Javascript,WordPress ,themes and plugins ,PHP, HTML5, CSS3
KOLKATA 9/26/2019 India
Sales, Business Development, Account Manager
Hamburg 9/26/2019 Germany
Eager to learn new things Ability to interact and build relationships. Analytical mind
Noida 9/19/2019 India
Soccer knowledge
All cities in UK 9/16/2019 UK
Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 10 and desktop related applications,Active directory
Berlin 9/11/2019 Germany
Bengaluru 9/11/2019 India
Project Management, software Development
Shanghai 9/9/2019 China
Information Technology
New Delhi 9/9/2019 India
Bengaluru 9/9/2019 India
Business Development, Marketing, Relationship Management
Kolkata 9/8/2019 India
• Bachelor Degree or equivalent • Portuguese and English proficiency • MS Office proficiency
Campinas 9/5/2019 Brazil
React, React Native, Redux, Web Development, Mobile App Development, Startups
Moscow 9/2/2019 Russia
Search Engine, Social Media
Berlin 8/30/2019 Germany
Online Research, Search Engine, Social Media
Stuttgart 8/30/2019 Germany
Django, Flask or Pyramid. Basic Knowledge on JavaScript, HTML
Bangalore 8/30/2019 India
"unity 3D","game designing","game development"
Dombivli 8/28/2019 India
Delhi 8/22/2019 India
testing, friendly,
Washington 8/21/2019 USA
International Outbound sales
Kolkata 8/20/2019 India
Seo,"digital marketing","google adword","google analytics","google webmaster tools",
Dombivli 8/19/2019 India

ex: Sales
ex: Mumbai
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