ex: Sales
ex: Mumbai
Customer Support, Communication, Admin Support, Debt Collection, Escrow Agent, Financial Operations
Los Angeles 11/22/2021 USA
Channel sales management
Berlin 8/24/2021 Germany
Securities Lending, Capital Market, Investments
Hong Kong 8/20/2021 Hong Kong
Digital Marketing; SEO
Bucharest 8/10/2021 Romania
United Kingdom 7/13/2021 UK
cards value chain
Copenhagen 7/8/2021 Denmark
execution ability, logical thinking ability, data analysis, digital marketing
Beijing 7/8/2021 China
#iOS #SWIFT #Objective C #API #Cocoa #Xcode #Phonegap #Mobile App Designing
New Delhi 7/5/2021 India
Kuala Lumpur 7/5/2021 Malaysia
Gothenburg 7/2/2021 Sweden
customer support, translation, chinese speaking, email support, chat support
Shanghai 6/14/2021 China
Attentive to details
Texas 5/25/2021 USA
ICU Consultant, Critical Care, Anesthesia
Blackpool 5/22/2021 UK
Knowledge in HTML, Node .js, React JS, JavaScript, CSS and Jquery
BANGALORE 4/22/2021 India
CSS, React Native, and Redux programming
Bangalore 4/22/2021 India
Bangalore 4/22/2021 India
CSS, React Native, and Redux programming
Bangalore 4/22/2021 India
Bengaluru 4/22/2021 India
Paid Campaigns, Paid Digital Marketing, Pay Per Click Specialist,Google Adwords
Bangalore 3/25/2021 India
content writing, blog writer
Bangalore 3/24/2021 India
blog writing, content writing, content writer
bangalore 3/23/2021 India
HR, Admin, Recruitment
Bangalore 3/23/2021 India
MS Excel, MS Word
bangalore 3/23/2021 India
Digital Marketing, Sales, Business Development,
Singapore 3/5/2021 Singapore
Python , Prior experience in running ML or DS projects.
London 2/17/2021 UK
Versioning system,Git /Git-lab/Bit Bucket,Jasmine + karma,Jira / Trello / Slack,node with typescript
Ahmedabad 2/12/2021 India
Mathematics, Teaching, Tuition
Bengaluru 2/12/2021 India
IT Support, Desktop Support, Helpdesk, IT Engineer
Bangkok 2/11/2021 Thailand
Customer Service, collection, admin support
Texas City 2/9/2021 USA
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ex: Sales
ex: Mumbai