Skillset Location
ex: Java ex: California
Communication skills, analytical skills
Hyderabad 8/8/2018 India
Any High School, College, University Student
Online jobs 8/6/2018 India
Good Communication in English
Kolkata 8/1/2018 India
Java, Spring, Spring Boot.
Wilmington, DE 8/1/2018 USA
Project Management, Prototyping, Wireframing, Design, Adobe Creative Suite
Kuala Lumpur 7/30/2018 Singapore
JQuery, Java, Angular 2.0
Rome 7/19/2018 Italy
Hadoop/MapReduce, Hive, Spark, Elasticsearch, Kafka, Vertica, Flink
Los Angeles, CA 7/17/2018 USA
Python or Java/J2EE, using Hive, Impala, Spark, and Pig, Kerberos and LDAP
Mountain View, CA 7/17/2018 USA
Data Integration Developer, SOA, CDC
Pleasanton, CA 7/10/2018 USA
KOLKATA 7/9/2018 India
Javascript, Laravel, Core PHP, Html5, Bootstrap, Codeigniter, MySQL, React.Js, vue.js
Kolkata 7/9/2018 India
Strong skills in Web filtering, Proxy, URL filtering, Endpoint, IPS IDS, Firewall, DNS.
Torrance, CA 7/6/2018 USA
Good Communication Skills
Mumbai 7/5/2018 India
good communication skills, energetic, positive attitude, Should have MIS knowledge.
KOLKATA 6/23/2018 India
Python, Capital Stress, SOA Distributed Architecture, Pandas, OO Design
Houston, TX 6/19/2018 USA
Public Relations
Kuala Lumpur 6/19/2018 Malaysia
surin speaking translation
Surin 6/18/2018 Thailand
Rajasthan 6/18/2018 India
Communication Skills , Negotiation Skills ,B2B Sales
Mumbai 6/15/2018 India
Excellent Communication Skill / Volume Hiring / Sourcing & Recruitment / Portal Search.
KOLKATA 6/8/2018 India
Customer care
Chennai 6/6/2018 India
The Scrum Master will need to work with a number of SMEs across multiple locations (OPS, ITC, NCH)
United Kingdom 6/4/2018 UK
IT recruitment
United Kingdom 6/4/2018 UK
Camunda BPM, JUEL, Groovy, BPMN, TEST, JSON, Design, Cloud
Tampa, Florida 5/31/2018 USA

Skillset Location
ex: Java ex: California
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