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Java developer, Classic and Touch UI, ACS AEM
New Jersey 11/20/2017
.Net Technologies, Health care product, SIS
Richmond, CA 11/16/2017
Visual studio, ASP. Net Developer
Florida 11/15/2017
Java development, testing
Rockville, MD 11/9/2017
Python , testing,
San Jose 11/8/2017
insurance domain business skills, scrum master, Agile Practitioner
Chicago 11/8/2017
Manual Tester, SQL Queries
Columbus, GA 11/7/2017
Python, Django, AWS, PostgreSQL, Perl
Dayton, OH 11/7/2017
UX Design, CSS, HTML, Protyping tool
Rockville MD 8/2/2017
Project Management, Green Belt, Six Sigma
Corning, NY 5/26/2017
Experience shipping games as an AI engineer, AI Algorithm, AI game-play, C++
Redmond 5/4/2017
Service Desk Technician, Service Desk Assistance
New York City,NY 3/1/2017
Network Security Architect
Herndon ,Virginia 10/19/2016
EDI and B2Bi and Automotive
Dearborn, MI 8/24/2016
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Html,Css,Jquery,Php,Mysql,Git,Laravel,Json, Node js,React,Redux
Patna 1/16/2020
Good communication skills, Basic Computer Knowledge
Patna 1/15/2020
SEO, SMM, SEM, Digital Marketing
Kolkata 1/13/2020
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