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HR SaaS Software, Software for HR Solution

Below are the some GUIs, though we are in process of upgrading the entire system, soon we put up all modules on production server.
HR Dashborad
1. Personal Notes.
2. Reminders from colleagues .
3. Community blog news (wordpress).
4. Community tweets from
5. Own status & more.
6. Dashboard gives a quick overview about all hr system activity happening within the organisation, if the organisation has multiple location the update can be sorted locationwise.
Recruitment Operation
1. Add / Edit Client
2. Add new requirement, any client can have multiple requirement.
3. Add / Edit / Search Candidate
4. Maintain Candidate history
5. Schedule Interview / Follow-up interview
6. Send bulk mail for new opening
7. Add note / reminders
8. Create / edit templates
9. Search Interview by date / status
Consultant Administration (if HR Firm)
1. Add / Edit Consultant
2. Manage consultant’s profile
3. Track consultant’s activity reports
4. Business reports
5. Case history by Company.
6. Case history by Consultant.
7. Data transfer from excel to SQL database.
Employee Management
1. Manage Offer Details (to candidates who are yet to joined.) .
1. Manage Holidays.
1. Manage Employees.
1. Manage Leave Applications.
2. Initiate Appraisal Process.
3. Exit Interview Process .
1. Register Complaint.
2. Investigation.
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