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HR System Overview
Below are the some GUIs, though we are in process of upgrading the entire system, soon we put up all modules on production server.
ETG has launched a new generation HR product - HRRPMS (Human Resource & Recruitment Process Management System). This product consists of 4 independent modules – Recruitment and Employee Management & Administration, Employee, Client, Job Seeker and is integrated seamlessly to provide an end-to-end platform for Human Resource Function for any industry segment.
Built on new generation technology platform with a browser based front-end this product can be implemented as an intranet or internet based system to cater for HR Function of an organization. This can also be used independently by any Recruitment organization in business of resource recruitment for client organizations.
It has all the features any HR firm may require.
  • Organize your Recruitment Business
  • Streamline your Organizations Recruitment Operation
  • Visibility to Candidates and potential Employees
  • Marketing and Branding of your Recruitment Service
  • Manage Employees and Consultants effectively
  • Lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
  • Workflow based Process Architecture
  • Scalable and Robust System for future Operation Growth
  • Integration with Finance, Administration and Other Systems/Application
  • Many more…
All reports are downloadable in excel format.

Our HR solutions is customizable to address any client specific business requirement.

The application is built in .Net & MS SQL and can be deployed over internet & intranet environment. Installation specific details can be provided upon request.

Deployment Plan & Technology
The product is well tested on Windows platform - XP, Vista, Windows 7
Server should have .Net 3.5 or higher framework installed.
Database require SQL 2000 / 2005 (recommneded SQL 2005 for next V2.0).
Need SMTP for sending e-mail.

This product would be available as SAAS (Software As A Service) soon.

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