Job Posting Policy

As an employer one can use this platform for posting jobs and promoting HR related workshop, training etc. we promote any HR business too, at the same time employer/consultant must obey following policy guidelines.
Note: While registering as employer or recruitment consultant, please use your official email id, and provide complete address with pin code, phone etc, our team will manually verify your profile, after profile has been approved only we allow you to post jobs, workshop etc.
  1. You must provide all accurate & latest information of your organisation.
  2. Put appropriate information in fields while posting a Job. Don't post one line job description, you must provide details job description and should be properly formatted. Incomplete job details won’t be published.
  3. 'Job Details' & 'Functionality' fields should have sufficient details information, So anyone can understand the job well
  4. Don't Post any unethical jobs.
  5. Don't Post Job related to Govt. security concerns or against national interest or sex or anything in that nature.
  6. Don't Post same job twice.
  7. Your user profile information should have complete contact details
  8. Don't post contact information in job details fields
  9. You will have complete responsibility of the job you are posting, if any dispute happens, you as a recruiter or employer will be responsible to clarify. TalentsHunt.Com is just a service platform to help in business, not liable for any job related issues.
  10. If you send your requirement by email to support(at), your job requirement will be published on your behalf on, you will be responsible for any job information you provided by email, if any dispute happen TalentsHunt.Com will not have any responsibility, this is a platform to help you

Why my job is not approved?

Most of the time we reject your job post for any of following reasons.

  1. You have posted very minimum job description (one-two lines).
  2. Job details do not look like professional enough.
  3. You posted commission based sales job.
  4. Multiple job derails in one job post.
  5. Adding any type of url in job post.
  6. Including your contact information in job posting (note, you can your contact information in your profile details and we reveal all your profile details with each job you post).
Note: We may NOT publish your job, if not posted as per above guideline.