Observable changes in 2017 job market in USA

Observable changes in 2017 job market in USA

United states job market has undergone observable changes since late 2016. The political shift, the new policies and the change in the major ongoing trends about job opening in the various sectors have changed the job scenario significantly since the past year.

According to a survey conducted by the Linked In Talent solutions of over 700 corporate talent acquisition leaders across the U.S. it was found out that in the present year the recruitment trends are based on five major takeaways. According to Bronwen Hann, the President & Senior Partner at Argentus Supply Chain Recruiting, One big trend that’s taking off more than ever is companies recruiting contingent workers. Most companies are choosing to “rent” rather than hire talent even at the higher levels. In addition, skill requirements are becoming broader and more stringent. Some enlightened companies are beginning to hire creativity to attract the best people from the daily newcomers.

Talent Acquisition has started taking a prominent seat in the executive table where 81% of the surveyed corporate told that talent is the number one priority of the organization.

Recruiters will focus on the quality of the hire rather than quantity.

80% of the leader acknowledged the fact that proper employer branding had a significant impact on their ability to hire talent.

Soft skills will be a primary concern in each of the candidates CV.Angela Bortolussi, a partner at Recruiting Social told that in 2017. Recruiters in the states will enhance the human-centric aspect to recruitment, rather than eliminate it. In addition, candidate experience, a topic which was widely spoken about in 2016, will be a continuing trend into 2017.

Employee referral policies are taking place as after the immigration policies by Trump it was tough hiring people. The companies found out that the referred employees are faster to hire, perform better and stay longer in the company.

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics’ report the U.S. job market rebounded strongly this February and about 211,000 jobs were added this April with the unemployment rate dropping down to 4.4%. Average hourly earnings rose by 2.5% from 2016.

Job gains were primarily seen in the mining and manufacturing sectors because they were closely watched due to Trump’s vows to boost employment in the industries. The bulk growth came from the sectors of leisure and hospitality, education and health and business services.

According to the report by CNBC, the immigration policy has made it hard to create and fill jobs where 5.5 million jobs were unfilled this April.

Manufacturing and construction hiring progressed significantly at the beginning of the year but retail outfits had to shed thousands of jobs.

According to the US Industry Employment Trends in February 2017, the change in the percentage of the job posting from the prior year is listed below.

·       Accounting jobs have decreased by 4% since the last year.

·       Construction jobs have increased by 4%

·       Educational jobs have been reduced by 13 %

·       Financial services and banking jobs have reduced by 5%

·       Healthcare jobs have reduced by 9%

·       Hospitality jobs increased by 22%

·       Human resource and IT job postings reduced by 12%

·       Manufacturing and media job postings increased by 7%

·       Real estate job posting increased by 8%

·       Retail jobs were dropped down by 8%


One two line about current political changes that making some impact on job market.

One of the first actions that president Donal Trump took after taking over the office and his responsibilities in January was to freeze hiring for the entire federal government (except military). Around April this action was lifted but White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney announced that their agencies will not be free to hire “willy-nilly” and the freeze hiring will be replaced by a smarter and a more strategic plan. The unemployment rate dropped the lowest in a decade after Trump’s taking over. He even voiced about wanting U.S. automaker to bring more jobs back and met the auto industry executives personally to discuss his concerns.


Recruitments trends, demand and top some info of top recruitment agencies

The major trends that will define recruiting in this 2017 in USA during the presidency of Trump according to Fortune.com

·       Talent will be having a prominent seat on the executives table

·       The hiring volume of the companies will increase all throughout 2017

·       The top roles recruiters will be hiring for are sales, operations and engineering

·       The top sources for quality hires will be through employee referrals, job postings and social professional networks.


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Best Professional Recruiting Firms (ranked by Forbes)

#1 Robert Half Executive, Menlo Park, California- with more than 65 years of professional recruitment Robert Half Executive is well known for its excellence on both the side of the hiring equation. They can be reached at   http://www.roberthalfe.com

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