Why Employees Leave any Organization!! Top Reasons

Why Employees Leave any Organization!! Top Reasons

In the corporate environment, we often get to hear a phrase which says,"Employees don’t leave companies, they leave managers.” Employees may quit an organization due to a number of reasons, both personal and professional. A Canadian report states that 5% people quit their job to follow their spouses around, 5% quit to spend time with their children and to complete their education,8% quit to start their own business 17% quit due to dissatisfaction with the current job and after finding a better opportunity, 27% leave when a they are proposed with a better salary and the rest 38% quit due to the poor relationship with their employers and co-workers.

Therefore, it is evident that the majority of reasons why an employee quits the job is controlled by his or her employer as the culture and environment of the workplace is entirely dependent on this very import employee-employer relationship.

An employee may leave a company when he only has to hit a profit figure daily without a vision. Having a vision instead of just a target profit increasing satisfaction in work. An employer should always explain the vision of the company to the employee so that the employee is able to understand the job and decide if it at-all suits him or not.

A lot of employees quit when they find the work boring or unchallenging as there are a number on people who primarily works for their passion and wants to enjoy their job. So it is very necessary for the employer to ensure that each of his employees are engaged and challenged to be create and to perform. Walt Disney one told that the best workplaces always provide their employees with a sense of purpose and help them feel that they are important and let them make a difference.

Employees also quit when there is no empathy between them and their employers. It is not necessary for an employer to be friends with his employees but they should have a relationship considering the fact that they are an integral part in their employees’ lives. The employer or the boss gives direction and feedback in meetings and acts as a medium between the employee and the organization. A bad relationship may often make them feel inferior and can hamper their engagement, commitment and confidence.

Another major reason for an employee to leave an organization is his or her relationship with the co-workers in the team who also forms a critical part of their work environment. This relationship can be hampered by personal as well as professional reasons. Even a simple comment from the boss favouring a team member may cause immense non-co-operation with that person which may for that employee to quit.Office Politics and favouritism often becomes a driving agent for a person to quit his job. It is very important for the employer to intervene in such situations to avoid loss of a potential employee.

Employees may quit when there is lack of motivation in the present job and they are not allowed to use their skills and abilities while they work and they are just used as a human robot that have to follow orders. When an employee is allowed to use his abilities, they feel important and self-confident and their eagerness to participate increases. Managers should sit with his employees and discuss the importance of the job and how can he deliver his skills to the overall improvement of the company. Every employee want to develop and show his skills. If they are not allowed to do so in one company they will quit and move to a better option.

Another thing that many organizations conducts is “Exit Interview”, just to show that they are following some standard as big organization do, now the question is what they do with the data which are being captured during exit interview, how does that benefit the organization? Is a big question!! Most of the time they ask very stupid set of questions to employee, who is leaving the organization after being frustrated, the interviewer just want to complete their duty, why? Because that’s the process defined by organization! They don’t even realise that they are wasting time!! If the intention is not to resolve the problem for which the employee is leaving the organization, then why to even conduct the interview, if they are so confident that it’s not worth holding back that employee, so just let him / her go!


Double standard policy implementation is another strong reason, these types of actions are normally done by immediate managers, and sometimes senior managers too, some of them just love to manipulate things, and cover their own mistake with whatever way they can, though they realise that sooner or later!


Lastly, the overall corporate culture makes a differencefor the employees. Treating the employees with the respect they deserve and giving them the recognition for the work they have done appreciates the employees. Workers like to work in places where the communication is transparent, their employers are approachable, the management is accessible and provides a direction and motivation. The overall corporate culture and environment in many cases keeps or turns away the employees.


An honest hardworking working skilled employee can make huge difference, can contribute a lot!! and we need to remember that for any employee, finding a good job and environment is always uncertain, but then also they take the risk, think why !!



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