Meditate to be successful in your profession, It works

Meditate to be successful in your profession, It works

Meditation is an art that helps us to calm our minds. As our minds calm down, our power of concentrating increases and we find an inner peace which is very necessary in this world of great disturbance. Meditation is about being conscious about our inner reality and gain access to our soul. In no ways does it involves our philosophies or religious beliefs.

The world’s biggest corporate sectors have introduced meditation and are getting successful results. Corporations like Google, Apple, Target have started Mindfulness sessions. A leading company reports that they have saved $2000 per employee in health care cost and gained 3000 $ per employee in productions after starting these sessions.

There are many techniques of meditation that has its own value. Transcendental meditation helps us to reduce stress, improve thinking, sleep better and think calmly. Vipassana, a Buddhist technique helps us to deal with emotions that are lying deep inside us. Visualization or creative meditation helps us to concentrate on a vision or vision which we want to achieve.

The greatest benefits of the meditation practices within a corporate group is that it increases the collective power of the group and increases the consciousness about the team work. It becomes a natural team-building activity.

Corporate meditation trainer GolbieKamarei reported that while researching about the impact of mindfulness in a workplace she found out that 91% of the people who are practicing meditation affected the corporate culture positively, 88% recommended it to the other employees, 66% had improved stress management capabilities and 60%  reported that they had an increased focus and better decision making skills after meditating regularly.

As a result of its long-term effect in human life, meditation and success are often used as a part of the same sentences. According to Paul McCartney, “Meditation is a lifelong gift. It's something you can call on at any time. I think it's a great thing."­­

5 leading corporate companies and their mindfulness techniques

·       Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs shared the techniques of Zen mindfulness with Apple’s Corporate culture which enhanced creativity, reduced stress and made the workers more focussed.

·        HBO promotes weekly meditation and yoga classes among its workers which help them work for long hours.

·        NIKE employed a meditation coach that has benefitted the working of this sports company.

·        Yahoo keeps meditation as a “must-do” to get hired.

·        Google started the “Search Inside Yourself” program in 2007 believing that mindfulness not only improves employees health but also helps the Corporate Structure of the company.

15 reasons why it is necessary to meditate if you want to be successful

1.     Meditation helps us to lower stress by controlling the stress hormone cortisol. When you are stress-free it can help, you lighten the load of a busy day and think better.

2.     Meditation helps us toautomatically control our thoughts and reactions according to our wish. It leads to the neuroplasticity of the brain where our brain becomes able to change and adapt to any environmental input.

3.     It helps us to focus and achieve our goals easily with better grades. Researchers of the university of California saw that students who were attending the meditation sessions regularly had a better verbal reasoning and improved memories. It also increases the employees’ loyalty in a workplace.

4.     It thus helps us to improve our performance and ability to perform.

5.     It helps us to look deep within ourselves and analyse our emotions and thoughts objectively which helps to diminish our flaws massively.

6.     Meditation increases our body-awareness and self-awareness and regulates our emotions and attentions.

7.     It directs our ways of interaction making us more compassionate. It helps us to become a better person all-over.

8.     Vipassana decreases the feeling of loneliness which boosts the physical health of a person.

9.     It lowers the rate of depression helping us to accept failures. Meditation is particularly responsible for helping us to start afresh. It reduces suicidal thoughts and helps us to accept our mistakes and start a new beginning.

10.        Effects of regular meditation are so extensive that it can still be with us when we aren’t actively meditating.

11.          A study from the Utah University reveals that people practicing Transcendental meditation have better control over their emotions and behaviours all day. In addition, they had better sleep quality and increased future ability to manage stress.

12.         Meditation gives us that extra bit of energy by helping us concentrate on our breathing. It improves our blood circulation and gives us energy for being productive all day.

13.         For a successful life one need to have a great immune system. Proper meditation through relaxation and breathing techniques lowers heart rate and blood pressure.

14.         Meditation helps in developing our tolerance level so that we can keep calm during stress events, be calm and be productive.

15.        By removing the negative toxins in our mind meditating gives us freedom to explore things without obligations which can bring immense improvement and development in our lives.

Therefore, most importantly, meditating is not “one another thing to do”. In this world of competition, it is necessary to gain control over our emotions, stress and behaviour to gain success.  Meditating s thus a necessity now-a-days as on one hand it helps us to gain control over ourselves and on the other hand keeps us immune. One just needs to meditate properly and practice is regularly at least for 20 minutes.  

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