Recent Job Opportunities in UK

Recent Job Opportunities in UK

It’s no secret that 2016 has been a massive year for politics, technology and economics in UK. It’s been one hell of a year for the U.K. Following the Brexit verdict, a wave of damning economic forecasts have emerged and the Prime Minister, David Cameron quickly handed in his resignation. Recruitment in the UK is in a state of uncertainty, a period that is expected to continue as recruiters try to figure out new approaches to a new and challenging labour market.

·      Estimates from the Labour Force Survey show that, between February to April 2017 and May to July 2017, the number of people in work increased, the number of unemployed people fell, and the number of people aged from 16 to 64 not working and not seeking or available to work (economically inactive) also fell.

·         There were 32.14 million people in work, which is 379,000 more than for a year earlier.

·         The employment was 75.3%, the highest since comparable records began in 1971.

·         Latest estimates show that average weekly earnings for employees in Great Britain in real terms (that is, adjusted for price inflation) fell by 0.4%, both including and excluding bonuses, compared with a year earlier.

·         There were 26.70 million people employed in the private sector for June 2017. 

·         The proportion of jobs accounted for by the manufacturing and mining and quarrying sectors fell from 26.4% to 7.8% since 2015.

·         The proportion of jobs accounted for by the services sector increased from 63.2% to 83.5% since 2016.

·         Accounting job posting went down by 14.89%.

·         Architecture jobs went down by 7.84% and art and entertainment sector reduced job posting by 12.1%.

·         Beauty and wellness sector increased job posting by 14.5% and Chemical engineering by 28%.

·         There was a low job posting in fields of education, electrical and civil engineering.

·         Hospitality and tourism sector increased job posting by 25% since June 2016.

We can expect a rise in unemployment, at least in the short term .It’s generally agreed that there will be a rise in unemployment if the UK leaves the EU. Catherine Barnard, a professor in European Union law at the University of Cambridge says: “Since we project that Brexit would lead to a decline in economic activity, we naturally expect that Brexit would lead to job loss too.” She estimates that around 550,000 jobs will be lost by 2020.

Mike Hill, chief executive of Prospects and the Higher Education Careers Service Unit, says: “Planned recruitment for next year’s cohort is still on schedule, but if we vote to leave, there will be a hiatus, which will see recruitment plans either shelved, or numbers to be recruited reduced. Uncertainty delays recruitment and a recession kills it.”Thousands of jobs are at risk in the UK after some of the world’s largest companies warned they could relocate their British-based operations on the back of the EU referendum result.

The skills shortage remains in UK and hence the recruiting officers will run after the one with the correct skill set. Productivity and growth are today’s premium business mantras and the growing skills shortage is one of the key challenges for any organization to overcome. The research shows that 92% of HR directors say it is challenging to find skilled professionals today. Competition for the best candidates is increasing and putting more pressure on salary expectations, which means that it's even more difficult to secure new hires and even more important to act decisively.

Starting salaries for professional roles in finance and accounting, financial services, technology and administration are predicted to grow by an average of 2.1% in 2017.

Employee retention is the top concern of many executives with the current skills shortage impacting roles within recruitment. The latest by LinkedIn shows that more than eight in 10 (86%) UK CFOs and FDs stated that they are very or somewhat concerned about losing their top performers to other job opportunities this year.


Some of the leading recruitment house in UK are:

1. Asoria Group is a multi-awarded company with a global presence. Although the company has only been around for the past decade, it has already expanded to the point that it’s now comprised of four separate brands that cater to the recruitment sector in a specialized way.

2. Antal International is a recruitment company that is serious about its international presence. It boasts an enviable global network, and with a presence in thirty countries and with a hundred and twenty offices in total it’s hard not to believe them.

3. Michael Page has been helping organizations find staff since the 70s. Their tradition of being able to streamline high-quality individuals each time precedes them and should you choose to hire this recruitment agency you ought to expect top-notch service. As the demand in the recruitment sector is now moving towards niche agencies, Michael Page is also comprised of smaller, specialized agencies to help you meet your needs more effectively. In total, this agency specializes in twenty-five niches ranging from banking to fashion.

4. InterQuest Group is a highly specialized agency that focuses on the technological sector. They pride themselves on offering tailored solutions that can match in-demand skills with high-quality candidates. The company values communication, and as such, you should expect them to want to sit with you and help you find a solution that is not only tailored to your needs but can also help you reduce costs. 

5. Morgan Hunt is an award-winning agency that is well-known for the quality of service they offer. The team is always enthusiastic about their projects and this results in top results every time. The agency specializes in a number of sectors ranging from education and the public sector to marketing, business and property. Morgan Hunt has also developed their own MSP which allows the recruitment process to be streamlined faster and in a more efficient way. They also specialize in helping companies cover large-scale staffing needs through their Morgan Hunt One program, which can help you make the recruiting process as cost-efficient as possible.


The startup scene in this country is bright. The UK - and London in particular - has one of the richest ecosystems in Europe and some of the most dynamic entrepreneurs. This is why more and more startups and technology entrepreneurs are deciding to set up shop in this country and use it as a launching pad for their products, services and ideas. Businesses of all kinds have long recognized the value of Britain’s geography, the proximity to Europe, language, a central location within the world’s time zones, and historic connections to centers of tradeand innovation are unmatched. The venture industry is no different in recognizing this value but thegreatest opportunities will only continue to develop; as capital, labor and innovation become more globalized, the UK will become a gateway to these opportunities in the same way it has long been agateway for global finance.

Some start-ups that are leading the way in this start-up environment are given below.

v  For the fashion lovers, Lyst is a website that partners with countless designers and stores to make all your favourite brands accessible. They provide sales and discounts, in a single place so fashionistas don’t have to spend endless hours looking for that particular piece. Needless to say, CEO Chris Morton has tapped into the massive online shopping market, and has created a very successful business.

v  Hostmaker is a hospitality management AirBnb service that provides cleaning services, a welcome-pack for your guests, and complete profile and listing management. If you are looking to host a more successful and profitable AirBnb, then this is perfect for you. Launched by Nakul Sharma in 2016, the London company has managed to raise over 1.5 million in funding, so they are obviously doing something right.

v  Revolut is the perfect app for those who find themselves travelling a lot. It allows you to create an account that lets you transfer currency immediately from your phone, or to use their card to pay for something in virtually any currency. This completely cuts out bank and exchange fees, and makes the payment process seamless. Founded by Nikolay Storonsky, the London startup is shaping up to be incredibly successful.

v  Alex MacDonald and Zia Yusef created the London-based startup,Velocity, which allows users of its app to pay for their meal at participating restaurants before they are even finished with it. The app takes payments from the users’ credit card during their meal, (including tip), so they can leave as soon as they are finished eating.

v  For those who hate being limited to one store, or simply don’t like the store whose gift card you got, Zeek is the app for you. It allows users to buy and sell unwanted gift cards, which saves tons of money from going to waste. The startup is located in Israel, but it deserves a spot on our list regardless. Founders Ziv Isaiah, Daniel Zelkind, and ItayErel have managed to secure millions in funding for their project. Next time you get that gift card from your nice Aunt that you don’t want, smile and say thank-you, because you know you will be on Zeek later getting cash for it.

v  Hubble is a startup for startups. It allows upcoming companies to find and rent cheap office space from other startups. Tom Watson and Rohan Silva created the London-based company in 2013, and it is currently doing very well. In this day, property and office space are getting more expensive by the day, so ideas like these are perfect for the current business environment.

v  Dividopays the merchant right off the bat for their product, and then allows the buyer to pay for the item with installments for up to five years. Based in London, and founded by Christer Holloman, Anders Hallsten, and Frederik Borquist, the idea looks incredibly promising to me. They plan on quadrupling their turnover in 2016, so my positive prediction for the startup is not off base at all.




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