Android Developer in Bangalore/Bengaluru

Positions: 6
Full Time
Job Description
Tasks and responsibility - What work tasks are to be performed? Most fun/important/challenging?
You will contribute to helping build creative interfaces and sophisticated components to improve the customer experience in one of products, ranging from our Loyalty program benefits and special features in the app for our customers, focusing on a range of sustainability initiatives to exclusive member features, or our login and sign-in process using JWT tokens, or enabling personalization and relevance across the site.
What are the products?
The products in the area are Member Growth, Member Engagement, My Account, Service Offerings, Customer ID & Sign-On, Triggered Communication, Cross-Channel Experience, Customer Lifecycle Management, Community & Social Sharing. We are looking to replace consultants in all these products.
Tech stack? Tools? System?
Android, Android Studio, Firebase, Google Play services
Describe the team?
Customer Engagement works with Loyalty programs, customer identification, and personalization.
WoW/ Transformation context?
In what stage of the transformation are you now, where will you be when the employee starts?
We are already fully launched as an area.
Android, Android Studio, Firebase, Google Play services
Salary : 0 INR Yearly
Bangalore/Bengaluru , India
Cephas Consultancy Services Private Limited
12/10/2020 7:41:23 AM
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