Active Directory Specialist in New Jersey


Experience : 5 years

Location : Hoboken,Lousville

 AD Sites and Services
 Group Policy
 Domain DFS
 Active Directory Sites and Services
 Windows Server Operating Systems up to and including
Windows Server 2016
 Active Directory Trusts
 Backup and Restore of AD objects
 Active Directory Schema and attributes
Additional Knowledge and Experience:
 AD Certificate Services (PKI)
 PowerShell and or another scripting language
 ADFS (Active Directory Federated Services)
 Any Identity Services e.g. OKTA, Ping, OneIdentity
 Quest Active Roles Server
 Cyberark

 Azure and o365
 Microsoft Azure AD Connect
 Strong capabilities in scripting in various languages such as
Powershell, Javascript, C# and .Net
 Experience integrating organizations into existing directories
and IAM solutions, both cloud based and on premise
 Strong knowledge of Microsoft Active Directory design,
implementation and support.
 Knowledge of numerous identity management products
including Okta, RadiantLogic, Centrify (Non-windows
integration), Azure AD, Quest, Semperis, and CyberArk
 Extensive experience designing and implementing Directory
Services with public cloud services (e.g. O365, Box, etc) and
other applications
 Strong knowledge of AWS and Azure identity management

Cloud IMS,AD
Salary : 48 USD Hourly
New Jersey , USA
6/19/2020 9:17:22 PM
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