Norwegian Copy Editor & Content Reviewer in Cork


RWS Moravia is currently looking for a Copy Editor & Content Reviewer with native fluency in Norwegian to join us in an exciting project for a Fortune Tech Company based in Cork, Ireland.

-Time frame: 8am to 4pm

-Location: Cork, Ireland. Relocation package is offered.


-Native speaker fluency and cultural awareness in the target language

-Proficient in written and spoken English


-Familiar with iOS products, services and features preferred

-Good knowledge and level of interest in cultural goods

-Strong functional skills, tech savy

-Ability to work in a fast-paced environment

-Flexible with tasks

If you meet the requirements and you are interested in the role, please submit your resume to


Our client is a Fortune 100 company located in Cork, Ireland.Content Reviewerswill be asked tocreate appealing trendy texts for media related content, reviewcreative writing content, improving tone and style if necessary to match client´s standards. Reviewers will assess whether the writing is good and appropriate for the target country´s market, and ifthepiece is compelling and appealing enough for its purpose.

Attention to detail, writing, copywriting, marketing, content creation, localization
Salary : 0 INR Yearly
Cork , Ireland
RWS Moravia
1/23/2020 5:48:12 AM
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