Operations Executive in Kolkata


·Individuals working as an operation executive will have to communicate with the clients and ensure a positive relationship and 100 % client satisfaction in terms of all the services provided to them.

·Implement improved operational measures and policies that help to improve efficiency.

·You would also need to assist in developing long term plans to achieve goals and objectives that are already set.

·Would be responsible to manage the company’s commercial operations and various expenses and budget.

·The operation executive will be accountable to keep a check on the performances of the external service providers.

·Ensure compliance with business practices throughout the organization.

·Communicate with management teams to confirm the execution of operational activities.

·Contribute to innovation of new products.


SkoolTree is the personal education manager for any school. Adding a little vintage to K -12 education. We bring to the Schools a basket full of products and services. A complete ERP solution for schools providing Student attendance, Exam, Result, Online fees, etc.

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Customer Handling, Customer Relationship, Operations Functions, Strategic Planning.
Salary : 18000 INR Yearly
Kolkata , India
SkoolTree Technologies
12/22/2019 10:46:18 PM
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