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Freelancer Subject Matter Expert (Bio-Engineering) in New Delhi


Job Responsibilities:
• Content writing of Bio-Engineering subject, for American textbooks and e-learning courses.
• Review & correction of existing contents.
• Test-prep and course content preparation.
• Create high-quality academic content for Bio-Engineering.

Skills Required:

· Must be B.Tech

· Excellent command over the subject (Bio-Engineering) concept

· Good knowledge of MS-Office (MS-word, MS-Excel)

· Good Typing Skills

· Good error-free English writing skills

· Internet Savvy


· Full working freedom – work as per your convenience. Free from fix working hours, you can choose your schedule.

· Earn more than a full-time salary. Regular availability of assignments.

· Pay Per question remuneration with no upper cap on no. of questions that you can do in each month.

· On-time monthly payment. Remuneration depends on every correct solution submitted.

Easy quality review process and chance to correct & re-submit solutions for acceptance.

Bio-engineering, Typing
Salary : 0 INR Yearly
New Delhi , India
Dimentics Info Tech Pvt. Ltd.
7/29/2019 12:32:00 AM
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