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Salesforce Developer with Einstein (WAVE ANALYTICS) in San Francisco, CA


·Preferred 7+ years relevant experience

·Minimum 3 years of Einstein analytics implementation experience.

·Wave dashboard and report creation experience, JSON expert, Written code that others can understand, support, maintain, and expand.

·Demonstrated consistent, successful delivery over time.

·Multiple SFDC certifications

·Very solid understanding of a functional area or technology platformDemonstrated ability to implement highly complex technical changes within his/her functional area.

·Proficient in a major technology employed in IT development: Einstein analytics, Informatica solid understanding of remainder

·Understands trends, technical developments in the broader industry and how those can be applied at SFDC.

·Solid understanding of the architecture of the major functional platform(s) within the group or BU

·Workswith peers and more senior engineers to implement broad architectural changesaffecting multiple functional areas.

·IndustryStandard ETL Tool (Informatica, Ab Initio, etc)SQL, PL/SQL, Database and Appliances, Shell Scripting Linux/Solaris, Business Analysis Skills, DataModeling, Reporting and Analytical Tools

·Demonstrated understanding of both industry and SFDC-specific policies & practices.Applies them to his/her work effectively.


·Mentors junior engineers on best practices & policies.

·Trackrecord of delivering successfully on features of medium and high complexity over a period of time

·Track record of meeting sprint commitments

·Minimal code rollbacks or post production bugs

·Assists and promotes longer term planning.

·Hasbroad expertise or unique knowledge, uses skills to contribute to development of company objectives and principles and to achieve goals in creative andeffective ways.

·May be looked to as a lead displaying advanced knowledge in specialized area(s).

·All software engineers must be well versed in Agile Methodology & have ADMTraining.

·Works onsignificant and unique issues where analysis of situations or data requires an evaluation of intangibles.

·Exercisesindependent judgment in methods, techniques and evaluation criteria forobtaining results.

·Contactspertain to significant matters often involving coordination among groups.

ETL Tool, SQL, PL/SQL, Scripting Linux/Solaris, Business Analysis Skills, Data Modeling
San Francisco, CA , USA
Norwin Technologies
1/3/2019 10:01:05 PM
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